Last week our organization place in the hands of The Federal Election Committee an application to form a SUPER PAC: SUSTAIN: America! We described our model in our post on Pulse titled: Sustain America, on June 23rd. We will now publish public position, vision, and mission on SlideDeck today!

As many of you likely know, Stephen Colbert, a sharp witted and insightful Mark Anthony to the Ultra Conservatives, formed a SuperPAC as a joke in the run up to the last Presidential Elections. He raised some Million Dollars !! In addition he has no obligations to spend that money on any politically motivated cause or mission and in fact, he seems to be a bit pressed finding non trivial ways to spend it.

We have no delusions about raising any amount even remotely as significant but we do believe that there is a strong interest in this nation to move the national dialog away from stridency towards rational thinking based upon solid science and supported by sustainable national foreign and domestic policies!

As noted in the June 23rd piece, we have no political affiliation … we are non partisan but we are NOT non engaged! We have but one credo: Sustainability !!! … we will use rationalist thinking to organize the best thinkers, AND … the best DOERS as well! We will also not be passive observers. We will not be lobbyists we will be activists! We will not be anarchists, we are ACTIVISTS.

We plan (resources permitting) to engage in all Sustainable initiatives from the Policy, to the Strategic, to the Tactical, and Logistical. We will be loud, We will be Aggressive, and will be HEARD !! We are not about class warfare we are about saving the middle class and moving as many Americans as possible up from the devastation of irrational economic, environmental, and social policies that have devastated anyone in the middle.

This is an election season. This is the time to step into the national dialog and make a difference. You have many choices and we encourage you to step up NOW … this is not a time for ‘…modesty and stillness.’ it is a time to stand up and be counted. If you beliEve that we, all of us, are in fact responsible for the state of our country then stand up with US … we are for a truly SUSTAINABLE AMERICA.

YES … I’m testing here. Like and or respond if you will as it will give us a good sense of the level of agreement and potential support but make no mistake. Supported or not, it is the right thing to do … and we fully intend to do it.

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