SUSTAIN America, a new super PAC intends to join the battle. Our operating system is broken, we are I/O bound, we have too little bandwidth, and the system has been compromised – Let’s fix it !

Lawrence Lessig Harvard Professor and internet maven has articulated the problem as clearly as anyone. Essentially saying, we can’t fix our economic, environmental, and social problems until we have a functioning government. The operating system analogy works here. If we want to solve our system problems we have to fix the operating system first. It should be obvious to anyone that the congress is gridlocked. Extreme partisan politics are blocking key appointments and literally shutting down vital legislation. Something is very, very wrong.

Lessig says, The Net Neutrality issue is a metaphor for the problem in Washington. Specifically he compares the back channel attempt by Comcast to control the flow of data on the internet in favor of large customers to the undue influence problems endemic to our legislative process. Corporations and the 1% do this by using so called campaign contributions to control the content and flow of legislation in favor of big donors and to maximize their profits and political interests. In so doing, they have corrupted our Congress. AND everyone knows it ! If there was ever a doubt Donald Trump personally called our every Republican on the recent debate by saying, I’ve paid every one of you and I got what I paid for.

Cynical obstructive changes in the rules have rendered our Government incapable of performing. To extend the metaphor, we are I/O bound (nothing can get in or out) The operating system (Our Government) is broken. When you have rogue subroutines shunting resources to non-essential tasks and consuming processor time, the entire system is degraded and compromised.

Lessig’s MAYDAY Pac is focused upon Electoral Reform as a means to clear the corrupting influence of money from the legislative process. We absolutely agree. Electoral Reform is a prerequisite for permanent, substantive systemic change, unless the calamitous Citizen’s United ruling by the conservative U.S. Supreme Court can be overturned, We must face the fact that Our Democratic Republic has been hijacked by a financially suborned Congress.

As “The Donald,” said openly during his campaign, he pays them and expects them to do his bidding … and, of course they do! Our Congress is a ‘play for pay,’ system. There is no question that fundamental change is necessary to achieve our goals, a fully functioning government, a truly restored Democratic Republic.

The question is, how to do it. SUSTAIN America PAC is formed to provide a deftly placed fork into the crashed O/S of our nation’s governance. We believe we can reroute the path to profound and substantive change. The strategy lies in re-coding the rules that govern the Congress itself: Congressional Reform is the fastest most expeditious means to real change in our lifetime. The Congress itself can be pressured into making substantive rules changes. This can effect normalization of the legislative process and make electoral reform possible.

Working collaboratively with MAYDAY and WolfPac (a Constitutional Reform Organization) we can leverage our arguments and multiply our presence in the political dialog this election cycle. Our argument is for Sustainable decision processes and measurable congressional performance. thus leveraging the public discourse. We start with patches and work around until we can isolate the core problems and rogue subroutines, then we purge the system.

Working together, as America always has and in an open source collaboration, we can create a real Governance 2.0