The Nexus: Water Security, Food Security, and Energy Security
Climate Change is driving policy priorities on a global scale and in all organizations private and public, from Nation States to Corporations, to Towns and Villages and small retail businesses – the realities of scientific certitude are finally starting to bite!

Strategic Decisions – Achieving Sustainability in the face of the shifting realities of on-the-ground political and economic conditions make long term planning difficult to impossible. Additionally, the lack of systems thinking in the strategic allocation of resources causes serious tension within all communities. Food Security is only one of the three elements in the overall water, wood, and energy nexus.

Strategic Planning – Our country and indeed our entire civilization, even the survival of humanity itself depends upon making sustainable decisions NOW! Without a framework for making those decisions we are left to a subjective, self-serving, and greed based rationale that is, in fact, driving the global climate change agenda in a random, meandering path, swerving in one direction then another depending upon the fad of the moment.

Our Perspective is driven by the triple bottom line concept of Sustainability. Sustainable decisions require an obvious compromise between three principle factors: Economic Viability, Environmental Responsibility, and Social Responsibility. These must be applied to the nexus: water, food, & energy. This is the logic of survival. Either we solve that equation or we exit stage left.

SUSTAIN America – National and global decisions are driven by national policies. Our government is controlled by short-term, greed-based decisions’ The USA, admittedly one of the leading commercial forces on the planet, will NOT be able to react to the realities of the impending disaster that is global climate change.
Everything we see sends the same message but that message is spun by short-term (quarterly profit driven) financial considerations. Every day we delay the implementation of a globally sustainable policy we increase the risk of disaster factorially. “… fundamental systemic change and the political will to achieve it ..” is our goal but Sustainability is the objective … without that: Nothing Works !

We all have a choice. We can either chase economic success and play the opportunistic capitalism game, or we can dedicate our experience and capabilities to the achievement of a rational and committed globally sustainable and therefore survivable outcome. The odds are against us. Regardless, people of conscience have no alternative but to pursue that moral obligation.

Having read this you now have a choice. What will it be?

Join us!