America has made great strides in addressing the global energy issue. However weaning ourselves from hydrocarbon fuels has been less so. More effective than all of the present renewable energy sources is a single word: CONSERVATION.  

The damage to our environment done by inefficient fossil fuel plants is incalculable in human terms. Present nuclear technology is not sustainable in any way for the foreseeable future and we are constantly having our laws and regulations challenged and even attacked by well financed and aggressive Corporate interests. The national dialog on Energy has been long underway but still there is no comprehensive policy or solution strategy in place… And no resolution in sight!

The EPA has been hamstrung by an ongoing attempt to dismantle an otherwise truncate its effectiveness by political and legislative efforts of those in the Congress who represent conservative commercial interests.

As a result our energy policy is in constant conflict with good environmental policies. A case in point being the big pipeline from Alaska. AND… of course the heated and much publicized issue of Fracking old wells and the potential for further damage to the environment, yet it goes on and on… the tops of whole mountains are ripped from the earth… the environmental future of whole communities destroyed by our rapacious search for more and more energy resources.

mountain top mining Fracking

Without a Sustainable and rational energy policy that is universally supported and enforced we face an uncertain future on this single issue.