Hear a Message from the Chief Evangelist, Jerry Peloquin

Our Focus

SUSTAIN America is focused upon creating profound systemic change and the political will necessary to achieve it. The increasingly hostile and confrontational temperament of the Congress, reflected by State and local legislatures, city councils and other deliberative bodies is not receptive to sustainability in any form.

Our Goal

Our goal is to fundamentally change the national dialog and to put forward those strategic and tactical programs and policies that will build a sustainable and Just America. Today, elections are heavily biased by political campaign funds.  These largely private fortunes have unbalanced the delicate scales of justice and placed power in the hands of the 1% who also control the political and social agenda.We desperately need a PAC for the rest of us. We are not bi-partisan, we are non-partisan and support neither political parties.

  • Use the three elements of SUSTAINABILITY Economic, Environmental, Social as a measure for all Governmental decisions
  • Fact Check and publish false statements by congress and the administration.
  • Become the non partisan Voice of Sustainable Governance
  • Speak Truth to Power – MLK
  • Hold members of Congress and The Administration accountable for the accuracy on statements about Sustainability: Economic, Environmental, and Social.
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Imagine a Sustainable America

Sustainable Just Economic Policies

Can this decision be sustained over time by revenue of value?

Sustainable Just Environmental Policies

Does this decision effect the environment and how?

Sustainable Just Social Policies

Is the decision socially just?


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Developmental Projects


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